Google Analytics vs Chew

Chew is a Google Analytics alternative that trades bloat for simplicity

Google Analytics is a comprehensive analytics solution that provides a suite of tools to help you identify visitors to your site, app, or offline presence. While their offerings are quite impressive, Google has alienated some of you in their push to capture enterprise customers.

Do you really need to track your visitors offline, for your blog or app? Do you need guidance on how to use Google Analytics from a licensed instructor? When did your website need a measurement evangelist? 😨

If you are happy with what Google Analytics provides, that is perfectly fine. Chew is not designed to be THE analytics solution for all people, only an alternative. However…

Due to the greed and relative sleaziness of the advertising industry, many people use ad blockers on their desktop computers and mobile devices. Campaigns around "acceptable ads" tried to curb widespread usage of uncompromising ad blockers with dubious, if not limited, success. Script-based tracking scripts are no longer reliable because they are no longer trusted.

Chew works by integrating with the back-end/server-side code of your Express-based web app and sends relevant data from the request object back to your account on Chew. No more missing data points due to a blocked tracking script! We also respect Do Not Track (DNT). When a visitor has DNT enabled, all you will see in your reports is that someone has accessed your site. No more, no less.

Want analytics you can count on?

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